Phylum: Porifera– Sea Sponges

Amphilectus fucorum
Shredded Carrot
Suberites ficus (Johnston, 1842)
Suberites ficus
Sea Orange
Suberites carnosus
Suberites carnosus
Haliclona fistulosa
Haliclona viscosa
Volcano Sponge
Cliona celata
Cliona celata
Boring Sponge
Pachymatisma johnstonia
Pachymatisma johnstonia
Elephant Hide Sponge
Mycale contarenii
Mycale contarenii
Ophlitaspongia papilla
Ophlitaspongia papilla
Dysidea fragilis
Dysidea fragilis
Goosebump Sponge
Polymastia boletiformis
Yellow Hedgehog

Phylum: Cnidaria – Sea Anemones and Corals (include hydroids, sea pens, anemones, jellyfishes end others)

Aequorea forskalea
Crystal Jellyfish
Virgularia mirabilis
Slender Sea Pen
Urticina felina
Dahlia Anemone
Anemonia viridis
Snakelock Anemone
Cereus pedunculatus
Cereus pedunculatus
Daisy Anemone

Phylum: Annelida – Segmented Worms (include fan worms, tube worms, bristle worms and others).

Phylum: Arthropoda – Arthropods (include lobsters, crabs, barnacles, crayfish, shrimp and others).

Cancer pagurus
Edible Crab
Carcinus maenas
Shore Crab
Maja squinado
Common Spider Crab
Paguridae ssp.
Hermit Crabs
Liocarcinus corrugatus
Wrinkled Swimming Crab
Necora puber
Velvet Swimming Crab

Phylum: Mollusca – Mollusks (include chitons, snails, bivalves, squids, octopus, cuttlefish and others).

Acanthodoris pilosa

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